Center of Medical Excellence

A total of 321,574 medical tourists visited Korea in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 11.4% during 2009-2017. Out of these tourists, 202,248 people (63 percent) traveled to Seoul. Seoul City has a total of 21,507 healthcare organizations. Among them, 14 are advanced level hospitals, which is almost a third of the 43 that are distributed throughout the country (KOSIS,2015). These healthcare organizations are playing a leading role in the medical field, providing a high level of medical expertise. As the data indicates, Seoul medical tourism is playing a leading role in the medical field, providing a high level of medical expertise.


Medical institutions in Seoul offer all specialties in various forms to allow foreign patients to receive medical care in all areas. From clinics to JCI accredited hospitals, western medicine, and Korean medicinal clinics, the city offers a wide range of medical products that can satisfy the diverse needs of patients. With the concentration of many registered businesses for foreign patients inducement projects (1,227 businesses in Seoul, 1,924 in the country), foreign patients are able to receive information on medical tour programs without difficulty (Korea Health Industry Development Institute, 2017).


Seoul is located about an hour’s drive away, approximately 60 km, from Incheon International Airport. It is highly accessible through a variety of public transportation systems. The city is developing into a ‘one-stop destination’, where foreign patients can quickly and easily visit medical institutions from arrival to departure.