BY gabriel ingubu

Health tourism has become another lucrative venture that many countries are favorably competing in around the globe.

Thousands of health tourists visit different countries with specific health conditions that they are certain that they will get the best doctors for the service, fair charges, conducive environment for healing process,  just to mention a few. Influx of medical tourists to Turkey is a clear prove that the country is commanding the region in this sector. In the year 2017, the country welcomed more than 700,000 health tourists according to Emre Ali Kodan, chairman of Istanbul international health association (ISTUSAD). Besides her better charges compared to her neighbors in Europe, and US, Turkey has made it possible to have a patient not to wait for more than two weeks for a surgery and to  put icing on the cake, the country’s national airline Turkish Airline, give discounted tickets to medical tourists visiting the country.

When listing health tourism destinations, you equally have no reason to leave behind Thailand. The country boasts of welcoming around 400000 medical tourists every year in which her strongest point is in dental work as well as dermatological procedures. The rich culture and beauty of Thailand affords patients private recovery gardens besides the famous Thai massage and other forms of relaxation therapies which help in quickening the healing process of patients. Thailand has enough hospitals which are accredited by Global health Association to give her services.

In India, health tourism is equally another very active sector. From highly qualified doctors, enough accredited hospitals with the latest technology to cheap coast of getting the services, Indians have made the country admirable when seeking health services. The presence of guide companies that connect patients to the required service is very commendable. In an exclusive interview with Varun Tanwar who works with a company called Synergy Medical Services says that they try to connect patients to the rightful medical practitioner to handle particular patient’s problem says, ‘’Synergy Medical Services, India’s most trusted medical assistance company has partnered with all leading and best hospitals in India to present each of these wonderful hospital on a single platform.

‘’You will be glad to know that we are currently working with many Individual Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Travel agency, pharmacy, diagnostic centers, Insurance companies, HMO’s, NGOs etc. in 17 countries (Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Sudan) to help patient avail world class medical services in India.’’ Added Varun.